Favorite Tools 

A series of short videos depicting some of my favorite tools, jigs and minutia I have managed to collect over the years.  You do not have to be a tool hog to build guitars.  Unfortunately, many times the tool bug is too hard to keep at bay.  I will try to give you an idea of what are the work horses in my shop as opposed to the "I just couldn't resist it!" variety.

Spokeshaves & DrawKnives

Sharp Stuff!

I use spokeshaves and drawknives quite often to rough out my necks.  Yes, you can form a neck on a router table with the right jigs and …

The Bandsaw

Cheap or Fancy Bandsaws?

I started out with a $109 dollar bandsaw from Menards.  I used it non stop for about nine years.  It did the hard work needed to cut out …

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