Building Guitars

  The art and craft of building guitars has been around for centuries.  The desire to create music and make a mark on the universe even longer.  Constructing a guitar from nothing but a bit of hardware, wood and metal is a painstaking job.  If all you want is a cheap guitar, then building it yourself is not a reason to build.  Building from a kit is interesting, and it may be one way to start.  But if you want to create something to be proud of, something you can hand down to the next generation and point to as your own work of art, of craft of desire, then building guitars from scratch may just be your avocation.  Of course, we can dream too, maybe someone will buy our handcrafted guitar  too.  Building electric guitars, steel-string guitars, semi-hollow, or semi-acoustic guitars each bring their unique challenges, and a chance for you to create a guitar that is yours uniquely.

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